About BCERTin Choice Insider Community

About BCERTin Choice Insider Community

The Only Blockchain Based Cloud

BCERTin Choice Insider helps you get the most out of everything BlockCerts and BCERT Tokens has created with the evolved BlockCerts Blockchain Cloud.

The BlockCerts Blockchain is an open protocol cloud, controlled by the BCERT Token Holder Community. Unlike any other Cloud platform, You’re in control™ when you hold BCERT Tokens.

CHOICE Insider Community holds all the power of the major software companies, where, as a user, you have the “Choice” of what you use, anytime, no matter what – by holding just 9 BCERT Tokens per year (based on $99.00 USD). As a member, you’ll have more power to drive your Choice and the BlockCerts Blockchain cloud. You can add 9 BCERT Tokens every year, or adding BCERT Tokens any time. The more you have the bigger your Stake in BlockCerts – Utility Staking.

Staking, simply put, is how much you get in the form of rewards to support the privacy, security and operations of the BlockCerts Blockchain Cloud and network.

The world from here is about privacy, control and choice. Cloud is about your technology and connections. BlockCerts Choice provides a powerful set of tools, and a growing list of ways you can use the platform, no matter who you are.

As BlockCerts grows, the community is publishing new use cases, “how-to” information to create your decentralized Cloud life where You’re in Control TM. Start with the BCERTin Wallet that holds your digital BCERT tokens – you can run your personal identity, transfers or build a token based digital business.

BCERT tokens offer reward just for holding tokens – you can increase them through staking, adding liquidity to a BCERT Pool, or find new Cloud opportunities exclusive to BCERTin Choice insider members. Stay up to date on the changes in economics, in business, technology and how BlockCerts Blockchain changes The [Cloud] World From Here (watch our weekly Vlog 9:30am PST every Friday).

BCERTin also delivers unique asset holding power, through NFT technology. From major brands, to entertainment and collectibles like art and assets, only BCERTin Wallet offers you the place and Choice to hold your unique property, privately, securely – where you’re in control. BCERTin Choice will bring you the latest from collections certified on BlockCerts Blockchain.

A selection of unlimited software tools and hybrid digital – business cloud to off-line mobile business on BCERTin Choice are available.

Power user premium tools will let you advance, scale and create more custom cloud power – suited to your needs, which increases your stake.

Most important is, no matter the amount of your usage, BlockCerts Blockchain ensures you’re in control.

Watch our Vlog and videos. Follow us on Forbes and other publications. Or join us on the open BCERTin Community. When you are a "BCERT Token Choice Insider" you’ll be invited to our BCERT Token Holder only community – where with just 9 BCERT Tokens (or the Global Equivalent) you’ll have the inside track to find the most important options, opportunities and evolutions in blockchain, crypto, machine learning and AI for your most important tools and apps.

BCERTin by BlockCerts and the CERT.in tools are Delivered by our growing global team that spans 5 Contenents and a dozen countries globally.

We are “real people” - ever want to hear a ‘real human voice’ you can always call us using MeetCERTin just [Sign-up] or [Sign-in]. Even speak in one of the many languages around the world, with any of our team members (we always accommodate in English anywhere, anytime).

Here are some BCERTin Choice Insider benefits included with your BCERT Token Blockcerts Blockchain Community membership. Over a dozen CERTin Tools you are Free to use as much as you need – no monthly fee, no lockdowns, no cancellations. When you’re a BCERTin Choice Insider, you control what’s inside your private Cloud.

Cloud Software Tool Benefits

UNLIMITED MeetCERTin Meetings: Just create a Channel and meet, delivered fast and free of charge – encrypt and store your messages through the power of premium IPFS on BlockCerts Blockchain.

Private Collaboration with IMCERTin: Available with any number of people you invite, with no seat fee, no minimum purchase. Just create a channel and GO! Who knows where a conversation will lead.

SignCERTin eSigning: Sign documents. Certify signatures to the blockchain. Available on desktop and mobile. Just upload a document, sign any document, anytime, anywhere, with complete authentication and automatic storage.

FileCERTin Ultrasecure Files and Documents: Link delivery and file storage delivery, with a wide selection of security options, including expiring links to complete encryption, security and retrieval by private keys.

BCERTin Vault: Security only you control! Your vault allows you to download the BCERTin Wallet and secure it without the risk of losing your access. The BCERTin Vault is your secure way to ensure you can always gain access and grow your use of the BlockCerts Blockchain as you choose.

DocuCERTin (including VacCERTin): Be among the first to get our new VacCERTin passport – where your COVID-19 Vaccine, test and certifications ensure you always have your documents accessible for any venue, event, travel or wherever proof of your vaccine and COVID Free status is required.

As lockdowns end – events and venues, movies, dining and more. VacCERTin aims to ensure you’re out there when you want to be, with the credentials that your COVID Free.

FREE BlockCerts Findme: Need to find any transaction, any time, a receipt, a critical document? BlockCerts Blockchain stores all your transactions, your public encrypted keys, where only you can unlock them. Find everything you need any time.

Need a report for anything, taxes, insurance to prove your valuables, all can be stored and placed on the BlockCerts Blockchain for an immutable record that this is yours. As you grow your wallet and transactions, as you’ll even earn rewards by building your Stake on BlockCerts. Learn how it works.

BCERTin Days: Each year at BlockCerts we hold special BCERTin Choice Insider Days. The BCIDs are your chance to discover all the evolutions on BlockCerts from Blockchain to AI – privacy, security and more about the digital economy and world. BCERTin Days are also the days where key interests of the BCERT Token Holder Community are put into the next Stake Holder rules, so the BlockCerts Cloud is always lead by Users.

Key by BlockCerts: Get your securely delivered data, backups, encrypted to your Private Keys. From confidential documents, to recordings, Key by BlockCerts your documents and digital stuff is always stored securely on the cloud.

Wondering about Blockchain, Crypto and how it is going to change the “real world”? BlockCerts Choice has a number of examples, both live and in process, that you’ll discover. The digital world is evolving everyday. As a BCERT Token Choice Insider you’ll find out about rewards, liquidity, staking and BCERT exclusive INK, and more as your BCERTin Choice membership grows.